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Preview of the 6th Day at Sports Hall “OAKA”


The final day of the 17th Mediterranean Competition offered spectacular games. The first place was taken from the amazing Spain, which she had not lose none of the matches that she gave.

The victory came from the match against Montenegro with final score 32-29. The last ones were extremely competitive but Spain managed to win. “Furias Rojas” had shown from the first day that they are a remarkable team and they proved it in every game. Finally they won the golden metal.

For the third place, Croatia- consisting only from players that are born on 2004- was a surprise, winning Serbia at an exceptional match (23-22), in which the opponents were fighting for every ball and trying to remain within the game.

For the places 5-8, Bahrain took the victory against Egypt during penalty shootout. It was needed 10 shoot-out in order to figure out the winner.

Finally, Tunisia conger the 7th place and despite the fact that the players of Tunisia did not have a great beginning, they found their pace and they managed to win Romania.


Romania-Tunisia 19-20 (8-10, 6-6, 5-4)

Romania (Citu Narcis Gabriel) Pasca 1, Chira 1, Veres 1, Pop, Bruj, Samfirescu, Citu 2, Katona 3, Stanescu 1, Bote 1, Kramer, Bordeianu 1, Dedu 1, Pal, Costea 1, Ardelean 6

Tunisia (Zaouali Tahar): Jallali, Snoussi 4, Bouguerra, El Ayachi 1, Cherif, Meddeb 1, Jaouadi, Hachana 1, Sboui , Bouali 1, Seghaier 3, Chtioui 2, Ben Salem 1, Ben Hassine 2, Ben Hamouda 4, Attia,

Referres: Music, Djurasinovic , 2m suspensions: 1-5, 7m: 2/2 – 2/2

Egypt-Bahrain 24-25 (5-6, 6-6, 7-6)

Egypt (Elkasaby Aser): Fahim, Hussein 1, Ahmed 2, Mohamed Y., Ragab 1, Doieb 1, Mohamed S. Abousalem, Elafify 2, Abdelrehim, Abdelhak 2, Ibrahim 7, Omar 3, Mohamed O. 5, Ibrahim, Elkastawy

Bahrain (Ahmed Alnajem) Isa, Ali, Hameed 3, Redha , Ebrahim, Husain, Mahmood 1, Basem, Andulkareem 3, Isa, Redha 1, Adel, Alasheeri 7, Jasim, Fuad 3, Ali 7
Referees: Evghin, Mihorrdea, 2m suspensions: 7-0, 7m: 2/3 – 2/4

Croatia – Serbia 23-22 (8-5, 8-9, 7-8)

Croatia (Metej Miskovic): Herceg, Bajan, Zovak 2, Capric 4, Ivankovic 3, Cosic 4, Mikulicic, Krupic, Molc 3, Stanic, Culo 2, Ivanisevic, Debelic , Majdak 5, Kahlina, Juric

Serbia (Djordjevic Aleksadar): Pavkovic, Predovic 1, Dodic M. 8, Guduric, Rogan 3, Ackovi , Zecevic, Dodic S. 1, Antonijevic , Mijatovic, Simic 2, Cenic , Nesic 5, Dodic L., Stamenkovic 2, Kovacevic

Referres: Comino – Giro, 2m suspensions: 2-4,7m: 2/2 – 5/5

Montenegro-Spain 29-32

Montenegro (Marko Knezevic): Vujovic, Jokic, Junuz, Abramovic, Nikolic 3, Gvozdenovic, Vukic 1, Barjaktarovic 1, Bosnjak, Cepic 6, Dragasevic 9, Milacic, Djurkovic, Brnovic, Vukisevic 7, Pajovic 2

Spain (Sanchez-Nieves Fernandez): Virulegio Nino 2, Rodrnguez Moreno, Gurri Aregay 7, Santa Coloma 1, Lago Fernandez , Serrano Rodriguez 6, Nieto Marcos , Domenech Calatayud, Salgado Berzal 2, Parera Ibanez , Ferre Andreu 2,Reguard Massana 4, Fernandez De Miguel , Sanz De Nikolas 2, Alvarez Dominguez 6, Gonzalez Vidal

Referres: Kinatzidis-Fotakidis (GRE), 2m suspensions: 2-5,7m: 4/5 – 2/3

Matej Miskovic: «I’m very proud because that we are living this week is amazing for all of us. My players are 2 years younger than the other teams and I’ m so happy that I can not talk about it. I just want to say congratulations to all of my players and to the technical staff for the result. We make history!»

Ahmed Alnajem: «It was a very difficult game against Egypt because our opponents are a very organised team with good technics. My players gave an excellent match. They could control from the first minute the game. The phase of penalties is more luck than “clean” victory but I’m so happy about the 5th place. We are thankful for the invitation, we want to say that this organisation is excellent and Greeks are so kind. We hope to be here next year!»

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