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Ankara hosting the 18th Men’s Mediterranean Handball Championship

The 18th Men’s Mediterranean Handball Championship is underway with first matches of the championship already being played. Turkish capital Ankara is hosting the young teams from 20 to 27 February and has already seen some great handball actions. Full schedule and the results of the first days are available here.

With the third day being played, here are the first impressions.

“We are really happy after two matches. Our team’s performance was really good. In the morning we have a good match against Turkey. In the afternoon we played against Croatia and in the first two periods we were really good. Our team dropped a little in the last period. Overall I am very satisfied with the performance of my team”, said the head coach of Spain, Daniel Fernandez.
“We knew that the first match would be difficult. Spain was really well prepared for this tournament. Our players made simple mistakes in the excitement of the first match. As a result, we left the field defeated.
Compared to the game against Spain, in the afternoon session, in the math against Kuwait we achieved a certain harmony in defense and offense, and we won all the 3 periods with a win. We are trying to progress towards becoming a strong teams in every competition we play. Our aim is to adapt to modern handball with this tournament”, said the head coach of Turkey, Ismail Tarakci.
“The first two games were really good for us. First we tasted winning, then losing… We will recognize victory. But we will learn by defeating it”, said the head coach of Montenegro, Drasko Mrvaljevic.
“Our first match was full of technical errors for us. But we always tried to do our best. The rules of the tournament are very good in terms of providing opportunities for the youth. Egypt and Romania have very good back court players. They made a difference in the matches. We saw that our game level increased as we played”, said the head coach of Italy, Pasquale Maione.
“Our first match was against Greece. We made a lot of mistakes with the excitement of the first day. We have to play good matches. This tournament is a unique opportunity to be a good team. In the match against Italy, we did not make the mistakes we made in the first match. Congratulations to my players. We will play 8 matches in 4 days. I expect it to be a good tournament”, said the head coach of Romania, Lorant Sipos.
“The first day’s matches were extremely important in terms of pulling us up and our performance. We are happy that we won against Italy. We are on our way to being a good team. We also won the Montenegro match that we played in the afternoon. We will continue to achieve good results and keep our morale high”, said the head coach of Egypt, Ahmed Mahmoud Aboelmagd Magdi.

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