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Review of the 5th day in Korydallos Hall


The 2nd race in the classification games ended the matches of the 17th Mediterranean in the stadium of Korydallos. Now, The third and final race is transferred to OAKA.

Greece, after today’s victory over Turkey with 19-15 (7-6, 6-7, 6-2) and the 4 points it gained mathematically won first place in the special group and 9th overall in the Mediterranean. The win came in the last 15 minutes where, with good defense and goalkeeper Dimitris Babatzanidis making crucial interventions, the difference kept.

Kuwait and Morocco shared almost everything in the draw 22-22 (8-10, 10-5, 4-7) with the Moroccans still coming out winning 3 points. So he stayed in third place in the standings and will face Greece tomorrow.

Following the defeat by Greece, North Macedonia took a “clean” 5-0 victory over Saudi Arabia and with 12 points holds the 2nd place in Group and 10th in the Mediterranean.

Nikos Georgiadis (Greece coach): “We didn’t play as well as we did in the last games. And our forces are starting to run out. However I think in the last set the kids wanted too much to win. We were very effective in defense and we managed to win more with our will than with our performance. ”

Alsayed Mohammed (Kuwaiti coach): “It’s a great tournament and we don’t always play for the result. We want our players to play with other teams and to learn This is our goal. The Moroccan team played as well as our players. ”

Nikola Matlieski (coach of Northern Macedonia): “We played well, though we made some technical mistakes. We got the absolute points from the game and now we will rest to play tomorrow and the last game. ”

Results of 5th day in Korydallos Hall

S.Arabia – N. Macedonia 14-22 (5-6, 4-8, 5-8)
Kuwait – Morocco 22-22 (8-10, 10-5, 4-7)
Greece – Τurkey 19-15 (7-6, 6-7, 6-2)

Ranking places 9-14

Greece 4 18,5 95-58
S. Arabia 4 8 59-73
Morocco 4 10,5 74-72
N. Macedonia 4 12 75-74
Kuwait 4 6 71-82
Turkey 4 5 60-75

GREECE – TURKEY 19-15 (7-6, 6-7, 6-2)
GREECE (Nikos Georgiadis): Aslis, Stefanitsis 2, Sina 2, Gioranidis, Pagiatis, Papagiannis 1, Tzortzinis, Papazoglou 5, Kotsionis 4, Dikaioulias 1, Bampatzanidis, Alexandridis, Kyriakidis, Toskas, Anagnostopoulos 1, Sarafis 3, Gioranidis.
TURKEY (Yusuf Ali Kurt): Sahin, Kocaraka, Tosun 2, Alan, Ulusan, Yasar 1, Kasarci, Soycan, Gonenc, Karadurmus 1, Capar, Baskok, Ozdemir 7, Cebi, Kunt 1, Bilim.
Referees: Evghin-Mihordea, 2m Suspensions: 3-3, 7m: 2/2-4/6

KUWAIT – MOROCCO 22-22 (8-10, 10-5, 4-7)
KUWAIT (Alsaeid Mohammad) Aljuwaieed, Jaafar, Hussain 2, Almashari 2, Feraij, Almutari, Said Hasehem 2, Alshemeri, Aladwani 11, Alhaddad 2, Marafi, Altararwah 1, Aldashti, Alenezi, Alsalem, Najem.
MAROCCO (Moham Mesbah): Fathane 6, Boukhamsa 6, Ouafik 1, Kissar, Ashouba 1, Karbal, El Azouzi 2, Razgui, Labiad, Lamdakkar 4, El Mellakh, Laabid, Aguejjif, Sarghoune, El Mouaddar, Eladich 2.
Referees:Vasilevski-Jovanovski, 2m Suspensions: 5-3, 7m: 4/4-1/1

SAUDI ARABIA – NORTH MACEDONIA 14-22 (5-6, 4-8, 5-8)
SAUDI ARABIA (Naif Abdull Ah Boussfid): Jihad Hussein, Ali Qaesar 3, Hussain Abdulaziz, Nizar Ahmed, Sajad Hussein, Faisal Saud, Ayman Hani, Ahmed Zaki 4, Mujtaba Adel, Mohammed Naser, Hassan Mousa 1, Sajad Ossama 3, Mahdi Hassan, Ahmed Qasi, Ali Tayseer 1, Abdallah Mohammad 1.
NORTH MACEDONIA (Nikola Matelieski): Acevski, Dimevski 2, Krstevski, Chakalikj 5, Gjorgonovski, Mitev 3, Mitreski, Ivanovski Mihail 4, Ivanovski Matej, Dimovski 4, Spasovski 3, Stojchevikj 1, Trajkoski Savrevski, Dimitrieski, Todeski.
Referees: Fokitis-Bramou, 2m Suspensions: 3-5, 7m: 3/4-1/4

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