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Preview of 6th day placement matches

Greece securing 1st place in the Group 9-14 and 9th overall in the 17th Mediterranean, the event ends tomorrow. The hostess is racing against Morocco at 12.00 in the final matches. All matches are taking place in the ‘G. Kasimatis »at OAKA.

About an hour earlier, Northern Macedonia, rival to Kuwait – struggling to gain a place in the standings – will seek to garner as many points as it can in the group’s second position against Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

Turkey will try to avoid the last place in the classification race with the Saudis who have mathematical hopes even for the 10th place.

Saturday 22/2/2020
ΟΑΚΑ – places 9-14
09:30 S.Arabia – Turkey
10:45 Kuwait- North Macedonia
12:00 Greece – Morocco

Ranking places 9-14
Greece 4 18,5 95-58
S. Arabia 4 8 59-73
Morocco 4 10,5 74-72
N. Macedonia 4 12 75-74
Kuwait 4 6 71-82
Turkey 4 5 60-7

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